As I sat by the riverbank, listening to the beautiful sound of the flow undulating down the mountain, I began to release my negative thoughts. Gazing off in the distance and admiring the breathtaking views of the mountains. This was the perfect combination to start to clear thy head.

Before I knew it, I was consumed in my thoughts. My thoughts of how life is similar to the valleys and peaks. We have all been at that low point in life, when we are feeling down. The valley, at the time, may seem to be an awful place to be. Although if we can find our faith again, let our mind wander to the more positive times in our lives, become as one with nature, we will be able to see the beauty from below. Every valley we travel to, ends up a life lesson. Which in return is beautiful. We grow from experience through life.

Eventually we get strong enough to start climbing toward that peak. We climb and climb without ceasing to finally reach our destination. And although, at times, we feel like we are going through hell we must keep going. For the feeling when you’re on top of that peak is amazing. It’s amazing not only for the scenery but for the lessons we carry with us through our lives.

So from now on, when you’re in the valley don’t stay there for long. Take a few deep breaths, stand up strong, admire the beauty from down below yet start climbing. Life is too precious to stay in the darkness.


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