Effie, My Angel

Going through alot of stressful, overwhelming situations myself, I set out for a nature walk alone to clear my mind. It was a warm and windy day. As tears flowed down my face, as I prayed for the Lord to make my life easier, feeling as if I could not take much more. I was feeling weak mentally.  Then suddenly, a sweet familar scent blew by. The scent of White Shoulders, the only perfume my grandmother wore. Kind of startling, i spun around looking for someone near me on this path. No one in sight, No flowers in bloom. Evoking memories of my sweet grandmother, I remembered what a strong woman she was. How much she endured in her life but yet she kept striving.

As long as I can remember, I had always been her favorite grandchild. The reason for this might have been because her husband, my grandfather, was my father. This was kept a secret from me until i was in my middle 40’s. Disturbing as this may be, She stayed with this monster until she died. Stayed with him, knowing he had raped one of her daughters. Some might say she was crazy to stay, although divorce was unheard of during that era. I cannot judge her. The bond we had was amazing. As sad as it may sound, I had more love for her than I did my mother or my aunt that raised me.

Smelling that sweet smell with no explaination of where it had came from, I had to sit on the nearest bench due the shock. As I sat there, I looked up toward the heavens. I began to realized this was a sign from above. A sign from my guardian angel communicating with me. A sign to let me know she was near. At that moment, I stood up straight, with my chin up and continued to  walk on the path I was traveling. I will continue to walk with Faith. With strength…just as she did her whole life.  We should not pray for an easier life, we should pray for continued strength.

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