The heat was quite stifling the summer of 92. The air conditioner ran continuously, in that upstairs apartment. My son was just three months old and was very sickened by his heart condition. As a young mother, little did I know, that the reason for his nonstop crying was due to his weak heart having to pump harder, due to the coldness in the apartment. Which in return made him very uncomfortable. It did not take me long to realize that when he was taking a warm bath or when I would take him outside for a stroll, he was at his happiness. From that moment on, knowing his days were limited, I wanted the rest of his time here to be nothing but happy. I would do whatever it took to ensure he felt minimal or no pain.

I decided to turn the air off, because no matter how much I bundled him up, he was still crying. It didn’t matter how uncomfortable others were, my job, as a caring mother, was to see that my son’s time here on Earth was enjoyable. I went out and bought a few fans for us, the heat was almost unbearable to everyone except Ryan. Although seeing his little smiling face, while the rest of us was sweating hard, brought me a sense of relief. A sense of relief knowing for the short four months I gave my all, to giving him quality of life. He did not suffer. Just as Jesus rejoiced when making sacrifices that day he paid for our sins, we all should rejoice when self sacrificing to help others. If it brings comfort, joy, or even a feeling of worthiness then it is totally worth every sacrifice.

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