That Dark Place

Do you ever go through bouts in life where you’re down and out? Your mind will not stop racing about all the things wrong in your life therefore you lie in bed crying most of the day…feeling self pity. Instead of getting up, going for a walk to clear your mind, instead of deciding to get some fresh air, you continue to stay in that dark place. The place you hide all your inner demons and continue to let them keep you down.

Then suddenly the tears stop, your mind drifts to the distance you’ve traveled to get to the point you are now. How many obstacles you’ve hurdled to lie here full of self pity. So, we conjure up pleasant memories in past times. We must drag ourselves out of the darkness of despair. That’s not the person we were meant to be. We portray ourselves much differently than that.

We all go through depressive states of mind. The most important thing to remember is, we must have a good cry and move on to the light. Because just as Jesus says, “weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning” psalm 30:5

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2 thoughts on “That Dark Place

  1. David Baird

    That was spot on. Only I don’t do the crying part. I really appreciate your writings. I have a different type of darkness that resides inside with those demons. You just brightened my day after having such a bad day and night.


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