Her Own Christian Grey

She arrives home from a long day at work to a clean house and dinner served by candlelight. After dinner, he runs her a hot bath with bubbles, candles and wine. There’s no special occasion. He just wants to show her how much he still loves her after two decades, how much he appreciates her all her hard work. After washing her hair, her shoulders down to her feet, she finishes up with her bath and she is lead to the bedroom by the trail of rose petals. Rose petals on the bed, candles lit, and an awesome playlist playing on pandora. Treating her like royalty is nothing new. He has done it all along. His love for her is tremendous and he’s not afraid to show her. His love grows stronger everyday.

As young girls, back in the day, we all dream of our knight and shining armor. Sometimes they are found rarely they are not. Although, a blessing came to her when She wasn’t even looking for her knight. When She laid eyes on him those many years ago, a premonition was felt…he was the one. Then eight months later, they were married. He had to be sent by the Lord. He came into her life, when she felt no love from anyone. He showed her, she meant everything to him. No way, Is the the relationship perfect. They have arguments, go days without speaking but after it’s all over, He’s back treating her like his queen.

For those still looking for their knight and only see despair, remember this, I was not looking when mine arrived. They come out of nowhere, when you’re not looking at all.

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